The 1935 Republican River Flood

From the April 2010 Stereoscope The 1935 Republican Flood Written by Sandra Salter Plans are being made to honor those who lost their life in the Republican Valley Flood by marking each known person’s grave with a special marker on Memorial Day 2010. It is believed that 113 people lost their lives and some familyContinue reading “The 1935 Republican River Flood”

Movie Theaters of Holdrege

Published in the July, 2009 Stereoscope Movie Theaters of Holdrege By Patti Simpson For the last several months the entire community has been watching the Sun Theater with anticipation. The changes taking place are amazing! Thanks to a group of local citizens calling themselves the Strategic Community Investments Group LLC, the Sun Theater is shiningContinue reading “Movie Theaters of Holdrege”

Holdrege’s First Hospital

Published in the July, 2017 Stereoscope Holdrege’s First Hospital By Susan Perry In 1906, the very first hospital was built in Holdrege by two enterprising doctors, Andrews and Giese. Christened the Midwest Hospital, it was erected on the corner of West Avenue and Hedlund Street, which was later renamed Fifth Avenue. The building was brick,Continue reading “Holdrege’s First Hospital”

The Garrabrant Family Buisness

From The Stereoscope – April 2015 The Garrabrant Family Business By Barbara Oringderff Threshing, Road Grading and General Contracting in Phelps County, Nebraska. All Done with Steam Traction EnginesIn the summer of 2014, I received a telephone call from Janis Smith, who lives in Elkhart, Kansas. Janis and I had never met, but she wasContinue reading “The Garrabrant Family Buisness”