1909 Holdrege Daily Citizen: 150 History of Phelps

Retyped from the June 24, 1909, Holdrege Daily Citizen Grand Jury Pronounces Doom of the Old Phelps County Courthouse Returns True Bill Pointing Out Dangers and Crowded Condition of the Building—- Valuable Records Have to Be Kept in Wooden Cupboards——Oil Soaked Closet. Another Menace Found in Their Investigation Jurors Recommend That Steps Be Taken atContinue reading “1909 Holdrege Daily Citizen: 150 History of Phelps”

Salvation Army In Holdrege

Stereoscope – Nov 2012 By Susan Perry Though the United States fought a war with England for our freedom, much of what we know and enjoy came from that country. Many customs, items that sustained life, and thousands of people came to this country from England. Among the groups coming was The Salvation Army, deemedContinue reading “Salvation Army In Holdrege”

2006 Ice Storm 1/4ly Program

Rod Waldrip, Retired Senior Facility Engineer at BD – Holdrege presented the program. Below is an article about the program written by Patti Simpson. A small but enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Nebraska Prairie Museum during Tuesday night’s frigid temperatures for the Phelps County Historical Society’s quarterly program. PCHS board member, Rod Waldrip presented hisContinue reading “2006 Ice Storm 1/4ly Program”

Phelps County Celebrates Nebraska Centennial with Old Settlers’ Picnic—1967

Stereoscope – Jan 2017 by Patti Simpson Many of our readers will remember little or nothing about this part of our county’s history. The first “Old Settlers Picnic” was held in 1919 at the Peterson’s Summer Resort. The Resort was owned by two brothers, Oscar Peterson and Arthur Peterson on the land that, Dr. Theo.Continue reading “Phelps County Celebrates Nebraska Centennial with Old Settlers’ Picnic—1967”

Does Anyone Play Checkers Anymore?

From the Stereoscope July 2011 By Susan Perry The Nebraska Prairie Museum has a very unique picture board in its possession. When the Nebraska Checkers Association disbanded because of waning interest in this hobby, they presented the museum with the Nebraska Checkers Association Hall of Fame display. It features the 10 gentlemen who won severalContinue reading “Does Anyone Play Checkers Anymore?”

Phelps County’s First Pilot

From the June 2018 Issue of the Phelps Helps Newsletter – A Publication by the Holdrege Area Genealogy Club BIERMAN LICENSED AS TRANSPORT PILOT Has Eleven Hundred in the Air Without Serious Trouble From the Holdrege Daily Citizen, November 12, 1931. The first transport pilot’s license to be received in Phelps County was awarded toContinue reading “Phelps County’s First Pilot”

Floyd Lindstrom

Published in September, 2018 Stereoscope Floyd Lindstrom; Medal of Honor recipient by Patti Simpson. Floyd Lindstrom’s Early LifePrivate First Class Floyd K. Lindstrom, was born on June 21, 1912 in Holdrege, Nebraska, to Otto and Anna (Spongberg) Lindstrom. Around 1915, Anna moved away from Otto with her two young children, Pauline aged six and Floyd,Continue reading “Floyd Lindstrom”