Bertrand Church Window

October 2009 Stereoscope. The Bertrand Church Window Arrives!

On October 8, 2009 another piece of Phelps County history made its way to the Nebraska Prairie Museum. The large stained glass window, along with a smaller stained glass window from the former Congregational Church in Bertrand, had been donated to the museum in 2007 by Leland Anderson. The smaller one was repaired and installed earlier. The challenge now, however, was to get the larger one to the museum without any damage. Thanks to the help and muscle of Leland Anderson, Marve Klassen, Keith Weaver, Warner Carlson, Bill Perry and Dan VanDyke this beautiful, large, heavy and delicate window was brought safely to rest at the museum. Bill Perry will do the restoration work on the window during the upcoming fall and winter months at the museum. The Museum plans to install the window by the Christian Homes display wall. When the restoration is finished this large stained glass window will be placed on the South wall above the model church display.

In honor of Leland Anderson (1916-2019)

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